Track By Track Review of Evie Balfe's "Do I Feel Like I'm Happy Now?" 
December 9, 2022

    On December 2nd, Evie Balfe released her debut album, Do I Feel Like I'm Happy Now?, and it's a vulnerable piece of herself that she decided to give to the entire world. Today, I decided to do something different, and I'll be doing a track by track review of the album.


This track feels like a movie. It progressively gets bigger and bolder over the course of the song. Starting out with just a piano and a synth, the song itself seems pretty bare bones. As the track continues, though, it gradually explodes into a sonic dreamland of self-doubt and overthinking. My rating? 9/10.


Another synth heavy track, but this one works in a completely different way. This one definitely grew on me a lot throughout the song, due to the storytelling from the lyrics and the progression of the sound. This one just seems to swell around your head and create a little cloud of music for you to swim in. My rating? 8/10.


"We are fighting, not abiding." This song is an anthem for the LGBTQ+ community ad the struggles and toxicity they face from outsiders. The fight to hold your partner's hand in public is extremely hard, and kissing? We can barely even think about that. All the love we want to give must be behind closed doors to appease the people who don't like us. We just want to be free. My rating? 9/10.


The lyrics of this song speak for themselves, and I'm sure most, if not all of you reading this can relate to them. Being tired of life itself is one of the hardest fights one can possibly go through, it's a struggle to do anything at all. This song conveys that feeling perfectly. My rating? 10/10.


"Do we even know what we're fighting for? / No one ever showed me how to hear your pain / And it's not like we haven't been here before." A nice 5 minute song about not knowing the direction of something important in life. A very nice track, not my favorite out of all of these, but still extremely special and fitting for the album. My rating? 7/10.


A slow burner, this track is another perfectly relatable one. "Shifting off the rating system NOTE: (sorry Evie.) / It's getting tiresome." This is another track that feels like a colorshow around your head. It sounds light and dark at the same time, but they don't clash, they complement each other perfectly. My rating? (sorry again Evie.) 10/10.


"And be the person I want to be / Not the person I know." This track hits hard for those of us who find it hard to gather the strength to become the version of ourselves we'd love most. This song is beautifully dark in terms of the lyrics, I can certainly relate to this and I know how hard it is. My rating? 10/10


This track is insanely hopeful, and compared to the other tracks on the album, that's a breath of fresh air. IT reminds us all that we shouldn't give up on life even when it seems like it's given up on us. My Rating? 10/10

Overall, I'd give this album a 9/10. It's beautifully cohesive, and a masterpiece lyrically. Sonically, it's absolutely amazing too and I can definitely see myself revisiting this album in the future.