Claire Heffernan Is Set Free In New Single "Gemini" 

With an unassuming title like Gemini, you wouldn't ever expect all the elements this song has to offer, but they're there, and they're mind-blowing.

    Claire Heffernan is an Irish musician, and I mean musician in every sense of the word. She does it all! She plays the harp, the piano, and her ethereal vocals have been given much praise. She started releasing original music just this year, and I must say she already seems to have a strong vision in mind for her upcoming releases. Her newest single, Gemini, is out today, and it's the soft confidence boost we all need.

    Gemini is a tender acoustic song about codependency and being set free. Written in the middle of a breakup, Claire sings about her former partner, who seems to have relied on her presence more than they should have. When Claire told them she needed them to let her go, they wept in silence on her shoulder.

    Later on in the song, Claire holds firm on her stance, saying she's craving change now that she's grown older. She closes the song with a comforting message. "I hope you find just what you're looking for / They say a window opens when you close a door. / So close the door."

    I'm sure many people can relate to this song, and hearing the calming message that the ending brings could be truly inspirational to those who need it.

    Overall, this track is a beautifully crafted and cathartic soundscape of the calm after a storm. It's simply a work of art.